The theatre stage was all set for this revealing play called: Drawn to the Deceitful Light

Items in this scene:

DRD – Scarlett Hotel Ballroom Theatre

DRD – SH – Theodore couch – red silk

DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Ella-Louise – Coffee table

DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Theodore chair – red silk

DRD – SH – Barnett – Light

DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Curtain – ground floor – red

DRD – Scarlett Hotel Theatre Curtain

DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Curtain – balcony – red

DRD – Scarlett Hotel – Wall Panel – King

DRD – Prison Yard – Fence Wide – Torn

DRD – San Mora – Quarantine Fence – B

DRD – Chartbusters – retro tv corner media prim

DRD – The Reanimator – Cables

HISA – Hanging vines

Alirium light Rays II [sharp / cool]

RO – Spook Show – Mannequins

Virtual Decay signs

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