Who is the real puppeteer, who is pulling the strings?

I‘m sharing this link and of course all are free to watch it or not….

and this link…

Some thoughts after watching this…

Conspiracies or no conspiracies, we can draw one thruth from this, we humans are our own worse enemies.

Amongst us humans there are some that think that they hold the strings and are able to reduce mankind to a more acceptable number in order to benefit their economy (we have seen devastating attempts before throughout history).  

There is a saying in Dutch, “Wie een kuil graaft voor een ander, valt er zelf in.” Meaning: harm set, harm get. Or, “Whosoever diggeth a pit shall fall therein.”etc.

So even if Covid19 was consciously planted and spread to decrease the population or to benefit world domination. We see that something arose that wasn’t planned. We see increasing compassion, increasing social skills, increasing empathy. We also see our planet, earth, nature benefit greatly from it.

By pronouncing world-economic crises the puppeteers pulled this string to inject fear. But during crises we see also very human qualities such as compassion, empathy, creativity, altruism, heroism, caring, sharing etc.

The much-needed balance on this globe will not be directed by the puppeteers, the so-called masters of puppets but by this phenomenon, of which most of us forgotten that we are a huge part of, called Nature.

Nature will restore balance

A time with more compassion and less egoism, that’s not something to be afraid of. Though this thing called “fear” is understandable and very humanlike. We fear the unknown… we fear change. And at the same time that same fear is being used to create followers. So, stay awake. Try to always view a story from more than one perspective.

Embrace change.  

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