Protest against unnecessary and inconsiderate criticism towards those that voluntarily promote your SL creations!!!

I am the quiet observer who every now and then enjoys creating 3D scenes in a virtual and interactive game called second life. The scenes are mostly about interior design and natural landscapes.

Secondlife is a world within a world where everything apart from smell, touch and taste is possible.

And I love doing what I do within this virtual environment.

But due to several unnecessary negative and discouraging experiences I feel I have to speak up for those, myself included, that voluntary promote virtual products.

In the real-world in order to advertise your product means you need to be willing to invest. Never will the advertisement be for free and for each creative thought and action that goes into the advertisement the price goes up.

Let’s bring this reality into another reality where virtual-products are created and sold. These products are there to stimulate the senses within this reality and maximize the experience. Imagine that in this reality, designers and creators assemble a team of photographers, bloggers and blogger managers in order to promote and advertise their products. Sometimes they post vacancies so that bloggers and photographers can react and a selection of those that fit best to the brand can be made. Sometimes designers approach bloggers and photographers personally and ask them if they like to join their team. In both cases the bloggers and photographers that join have agreed to advertise their products FREELY.

Now in my world, someone who is voluntary advertising and promoting these virtual products, is at least worthy or entitled to some gratitude and respect. Never should they, the volunteers, be criticized for their work or should they be exposed to unthankful, unreasonable and rude behaviour!

Towards designers and blogger-managers who think it is okay to be unreasonably demanding, criticizing and overall disrespectful. I like to challenge you to think about what is written above, let the words sink in and then reflect upon the way you approach those that from the very start were there to freely support you and your brand…

STOP being so ungrateful!

START showing some appreciation!

Or just keep quiet and enjoy the creativeness that is going on …

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