Steampunk windmills and yellow-white dunes …

[ zerkalo ] Garage Door – Décor

[ zerkalo ] Relaxed Corner Gacha – Plane Propeller

cinphul // solitude shed

cinphul // crummy [tall]

cinphul // crummy [short]

cinphul // specimen [aerq – feint]

cinphul // specimen [aerq – doa]

cinphul // brooding drapes [blush] 5


hive // waterside shack w/ dock @ Uber


DRD – Steampunk Airship – Air

DRD – Scrappy Scooter – Rusted Black – Loaded

DRD – Boho Bean Coffee Shack – Shack

Inside May’s the Deco(c)rate:

Ex Machina  –  Dead Metal Cabinet

Shabby Shed CHEZ MOI

:[P]:- Shannia Lighting

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