South of the hills a tranquil savanna encircles a small oasis…

What does it mean to be a Nobel prize winner? isn’t it just another matter of human opinion? Reading about Hemingway reminded me of a quote by Gandhi: The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way its animals are treated…

 [ kunst ] – Antique globe

 The complete Hemingway set by Concept} @ Kustom 9

Concept} Hemingway. Fireplace

Concept} Hemingway. Frames

Concept} Hemingway. Canopy

Concept} Hemingway.Vessels

Concept} Hemingway.Woods box

Concept} Hemingway.Pot 1

Concept} Hemingway.Pot 2

Concept} Hemingway.Pot 3

Concept} Hemingway.Note & books

Concept} Hemingway.Desk

Concept} Hemingway.Chair

Concept} Hemingway.Chair & books

Concept} Hemingway.Bed

Concept} Hemingway.Carpet

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