My Christmas greetings to Friends and all who share within this Creative platform


May the light give you love, peace and happiness

Thank you for being an inspiration

 [ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Contrabass Cabinet

[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Contrabass Bar

[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Heart in a Bottle

[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Bottle Candle Holder

[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Branches & Cones Centrepiece

[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Mason Jar Candle Holder

[ zerkalo ] Full Metal – Sit

[ zerkalo ] Full Metal – Trunk Table

cinphul // panel 5  [maelstrom]

cinphul // gilded [solid gold]

DRD – Baby Carriage – Dark

DRD – Boho Princess – Carpet

DRD – Boho Princess – Pillows

Concept} Gift Boxes.

Nutmeg. Handmade Soap

Nutmeg. Not too shabby flats, Brown


Inside Decembers’  Deco(c)rate:



CONVAIR Snow Woman

CHEZ MOI Tree Sled

.:revival:. snowy look out

BackBone Golden Snowflake – Long

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