And then all is covered by a blanket of powder white snow…


Inside Decembers’  Deco(c)rate:

:Cheeky Pea: Winter Snowy Greenhouse

Mesh India Winter Snow Trees

Mesh India Winter Snow Stag

Mesh India Winter Snow Doe

[ keke ] sleigh .

[ keke ] frosted lanterns .

[Merak] – Santa Cupcakes

[Merak] – Hot Chocolate tray

Pewpew! Snow Jar – Bebe Deer Big

MudHoney Noelle Mirror

MudHoney Noelle Fireplace – White

MudHoney Noelle Candles – Copper

MudHoney Noelle Metal Tree – Copper


Available @ the DRD store:

DRD – His Miserable Holiday – Low Table

DRD – His Miserable Holiday – Armchair

DRD – His Miserable Holiday – Sad Rug

DRD – My Miserable Holiday – Wood Basket

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