There be signs everywhere…


DRD – Junk Yard Signs – Fix It Jesus

DRD – Vagabond – Hang Out Rug

cinphul // Forgot Me [console] [decay]

cinphul // Forgot Me [vase 2] [cotton]

cinphul // diffuse [carafe w/stand]

Serenity Style- Nannja Southern Bed inside the Deco(c)rate

[Merak] – Towels Brown inside the Deco(c)rate

[Merak] – Towels Stipes inside the Deco(c)rate

[Merak] – Soap and Towels inside the Deco(c)rate

[Merak] – Elegant Mirror inside the Deco(c)rate

.:revival:. rocking chair inside the Deco(c)rate

Second Spaces – porch door cabinet (full) inside the Deco(c)rate

HEXtraordinary – Garden District Iron Fence inside the Deco(c)rate


Note: I only mention items from designers for whom I blog. Other items are mostly modified and serve only as props for the scene.

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