Beyond the wastelands, somewhere in time …


[Kres]- Junkers Shack @ the Indie Teepee Festival

Isil –  Scrap Wind Turbine (Red) @ the Indie Teepee Festival

DRD – Constructed Outlook – Tower

DRD – Constructed Outlook – Spotlight

DRD – scaffolds

DRD – attic junk pile

DRD – The Trashy Executive Carpet – Burnt

DRD – Wasteland Backpack

DRD – Wasteland Helmet

DRD – Shark Axe

DRD – Wasteland Spear

DRD – Bone Injector

DRD – San Mora – Quarantine Fence

DRD – Dirty Combat Boots

[ zerkalo ] Vintage Signs/danger no trespassing 

[ zerkalo ] Vintage Signs/access denied

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