Prelude no.1 in Major…

Scarlet Creative Lavender Brown House Prefab

  • Junk wannabe boho. petal mirror. wood.
  • =Mirage= Mesh Curtains
  • Boudoir Haunted Piano
  • Erratic / coc – the veiled virgin
  • erratic / coc – taxidermy raven
  • {anc} EDEN.cross / old
  • -JoHaDeZ- BirdyCage “Free Birds”
  • [noctis] MESH Painting: Auguste Charles Mengi
  • [noctis] Magus supplies on plinth
  • [noctis] vanitas Still life table flute
  • Dutchie row of books Alchemy
  • Dutchie decorative standing plates
  • Dutchie row of books 15
  • AF Pillow (Script)
  • AF Plaster Candles
  • ISON – elixirs
  • -Pixicat- Spellbook (Light) HalfOpen
  • -Pixicat- Spellbook (Light) Closed

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